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Tommy Fury defeats KSI (Highlights)

Tommy Fury defeats KSI (Highlights)

We have you covered for all of today’s Misfits Boxing ‘The Prime Card’ results, including the main event between KSI and Tommy Fury.

KSI vs Tommy Fury

KSI (4-0, 1 no-contest) will be returning to action for the first time since fighting Joe Fournier back in May. That bout had of course ended in controversy, with the English influencer initially being awarded a knockout victory, which was later overturned to a no-contest due to the knockout strike coming in the form of an elbow to the head. Prior to that, KSI was coming off a first-round knockout win over FaZe Temperrr in January of this year.

Meanwhile, Tommy Fury (9-0) last competed back in February, where he earned a split decision victory over Jake Paul. The 24-year-old Brit will be looking to extend his undefeated record to 10-0 this afternoon in his backyard of Manchester.

The event itself airs exclusively on DAZN pay-per-view.

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Round one of today’s Misfits Boxing ‘The Prime Card’ headliner begins and KSI comes out with hands down. The fighters quickly clinch and it is KSI who lands a good right hand on the break. Another clinch and Tommy gets warned after hitting his opponent in the back of the head. Fury with some decent hooks. KSI goes to the body to close out the round.

Round two begins and KSI continues to utilize a lot of movement on the outside. Tommy Fury presses forward and forces the clinch. He lands another shot to the back of the head and this time the referee opts to take a point. Fury is starting to finally use his jab, but the English influencer is doing a good job of avoiding those punches. KSI with a nice shot to end the round.

Round three beings and Fury lands a nice right hand as KSI charges in recklessly. KSI now actively pursuing clinches, which should eventually warrant a warning or point deduction. Tommy Fury lands a big right hand! That was his best punch of the fight thus far.

Round four and Tommy Fury gets to work with his jab. KSI seems to be gassed as he is doing nothing but ducking shots and forcing the clinch. Fury with a good 1-2. KSI misses with a right and forces another clinch. This is getting ugly.

Round five begins and KSI comes out aggressively and lands a right hand. He forces the clinch, but Fury quickly breaks free and lands a good shot from distance. More clinching. This is really a terrible fight. Tommy trying to get the jab going, but KSI just continues to rush in and clinch. A decent left from Tommy to close the round.

Round six and it more right hands from Tommy Fury while KSI desperately attempts to clinch up. This has been a rough watch. Fury continues to land the better volume until the final bell. What a gong show.

TOMMY FURY GET’S THE WIN!!! 🏆#XSeries10 | #KSIFury | #PaulDanis | @tommytntfury

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Official Result: Tommy Fury defeats KSI by majority decision (57-57, 57-56, 57-56)

KSI AND TOMMY FURY POST-FIGHT INTERVIEW.#XSeries10 | #KSIFury | #PaulDanis | @KSI | @Tommytntfury

— DAZN Boxing | Buy #KSIFury & #PaulDanis on DAZN (@DAZNBoxing) October 14, 2023

What did you think of today’s KSI vs. Fury contest? Who would you like to see Fury fight next?

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