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PTO World Rankings: Leon Chevalier cracks Top 10 after dominant display at IRONMAN Cozumel

PTO World Rankings: Leon Chevalier cracks Top 10 after dominant display at IRONMAN Cozumel

Leon Chevalier dominated IRONMAN Cozumel this weekend to move up two spots in the PTO World Rankings, rising from #11 to #9 as the season draws to a close.

The Frenchman, winning his second full distance race of the season, was too strong on the bike for the field in the triathlon turned duathlon and then powered home on the run with a 2:42:23 clocking in Mexico.

Elsewhere in the Top 20, Aaron Royle, Gregory Barnaby and David McNamee each moved up two spots as some big names lost one of their three high scores from last season. Joe Skipper, whose 2022 IRONMAN Arizona win became ineligible, dropped 19 spots to World #38.

Chris Leiferman, who finished second in Cozumel, moved into the Top 50 thanks to his podium performance, whilst third place finisher Robert Wilkowiecki jumped 17 spots to PTO World #26.

No change in Top 20 as Frades and Thoes reap Cozumel rewards

Whilst the Top 20 in the women’s rankings remained unchanged, there was some significant movement lower down the rankings, with the podium from IRONMAN Cozumel getting a substantial boost.

Race winner Gurutze Frades Larradle jumped up four spots which increases her year end bonus from $10,000 to $11,000, whilst second place finisher Svenja Thoes of Germany moved up six spots, which will be worth an extra $2,000 if her ranking remains unchanged.

Swiss athlete Julie Derron was the biggest mover in the Top 100, as she climbed 84 slots following her podium at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand behind Britain’s Kate Waugh to move up to World #57.

Current PTO Rankings – Women

The leading women – as of November 21 2023 – are as follows:

  • 1. Anne Haug (GER) 97.83
  • 2. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) 97.67
  • 3. Taylor Knibb (USA) 96.39
  • 4. Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR) 95.18
  • 5. Laura Philipp (GER) 92.28
  • 6. Kat Matthews (GBR) 91.26
  • 7. Paula Findlay (CAN) 90.99
  • 8. Daniela Ryf (SUI) 90.90
  • 9. Imogen Simmonds (SUI) 90.55
  • 10. Emma Pallant-Browne (GBR) 89.31
  • 11. Chelsea Sodaro (USA) 88.99
  • 12. Marjolaine Pierre (FRA) 87.85
  • 13. Skye Moench (USA) 87.54
  • 14. Tamara Jewett (CAN) 87.12
  • 15. India Lee (GBR) 86.77
  • 16. Sarah True (USA) 86.50
  • 17. Amelia Watkinson (NZL) 84.69
  • 18. Sara Perez Sala (ESP) 83.73
  • 19. Fenella Langridge (GBR) 83.49
  • 20. Lisa Norden (SWE) 83.35

Current PTO Rankings – Men

The leading men – as of November 21, 2023 – are as follows:

  • 1. Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) 96.93
  • 2. Magnus Ditlev (DEN) 95.03
  • 3. Jason West (USA) 94.42
  • 4. Patrick Lange (GER) 92.78
  • 5. Jan Frodeno (GER) 92.14
  • 6. Pieter Heemeryck (BEL) 91.19
  • 7. Mathis Margirier (FRA) 91.19
  • 8. Rudy von Berg (USA) 90.48
  • 9. Leon Chevalier (FRA) 90.19
  • 10. Sam Long (USA) 90.14
  • 11. Daniel Bækkegård (DEN) 89.07
  • 12. Bradley Weiss (RSA) 88.54
  • 13. Sam Laidlow (FRA) 88.13
  • 14. Frederic Funk (GER) 86.99
  • 15. Clement Mignon (FRA) 86.88
  • 16. Denis Chevrot (FRA) 85.90
  • 17. Max Neumann (AUS) 85.71
  • 18. Aaron Royle (AUS) 85.62
  • 19. Gregory Barnaby (ITA) – 85.18
  • 20. David McNamee (GBR) – 85.07

How do the PTO Rankings work?

This is not just about kudos – the top 50 athletes are fighting it out for a bonus pool worth a cool $2million in the ‘Race For The Rankings’. This will be dished out based on rankings at the end of 2023.

Each athlete has a points total which is an average of their three best races during the ranking period and all aspects of the process are covered here.

Final PTO Rankings for 2020

2020 was the first year that PTO implemented their Year End Annual Bonus Programme, to be based upon the PTO Rankings, eligible for the top-100 ranked athletes. Initially set at $2million, the impact of the COVID pandemic saw that paid out early – and with the total topped up to $2.5million.

That first year saw Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf top the pandemic-impacted rankings – Men | Women.

Final PTO Rankings for 2021

The final rankings for 2021 saw Lucy Charles-Barclay and Gustav Iden top their respective lists, both claiming a bumper $100k bonus in the process.

You can check out the final 2021 PTO Rankings by clicking here.

Final PTO Rankings for 2022

While Gustav Iden (second) and Lucy Charles-Barclays (fifth) still featured strongly in the 2022 points roundup – winning $90k and 60k, respectively – it was Kristian Blummenfelt and Anne Haug that took the tops spots and $100k bonuses.

You can check out the final 2022 PTO Rankings by clicking here.

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