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Sports Thrills Unveiling

Unveiling the Thrills of Costa Verde: A 3-Day Off-Road Experience with Freeride Spirit

An Unforgettable Ride Through Costa Verde with Freeride Spirit

The moment I signed up for an off-road tour with Freeride Spirit, I knew I was in for something special. Their streamlined online registration process was the first sign of the high-quality experience that awaited me in Viana do Castelo, a picturesque city in northwest Portugal.

Getting to Know Freeride Spirit

If you’re looking into off-road experiences in Portugal, you’ll likely come across Freeride Spirit. Specialized in Enduro, the company provides a range of tours in the northern parts of Portugal, including Costa Verde and other notable areas. They’ve also recently added On Road bike tours to their portfolio.

My adventure began the moment I touched down at Porto Airport. A vehicle from Freeride Spirit was there to greet me and smoothly whisked me away to our hotel, FeelViana, in Viana do Castelo. I had time to rest and unwind before dinner, even taking the opportunity to explore the fantastic bike and surf equipment store located on the lower floor of the hotel.

The sudden downpour that ensued was setting the stage for an interesting first day on the tour 🙂

Starting the tour in Viana do Castelo set the tone right away. The city is not just a beautiful locale; it’s a gateway to the off-road haven of Costa Verde. Here, the adventure truly kicked off. Costa Verde offers a diverse range of trails that cater to all types of riders. From muddy paths to rocky terrains, each day was a new chapter in an unfolding adventure story.

The tour’s well-planned routes led us through stunning landscapes and historical sites, offering more than just a physical challenge. Alongside the natural beauty, encounters with local wildlife like wild horses added an unexpected yet delightful twist to the journey. We even got the chance to explore charming villages, a testament to the rich culture of the region.

Accommodation at Hotel FeelViana

Staying at Hotel FeelViana was another highlight. The hotel seamlessly combined comfort and adventure, offering not just luxurious rooms and gourmet dining, but also additional sports like kite surfing, enduro biking. It was the perfect setting to unwind after a day of intense riding.

The Crew and Fellow Riders

A crucial part of what made this tour exceptional was the people. The Freeride Spirit crew were more than just guides; they were experts in creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Complementing this were my fellow riders, each bringing their unique flair and love for the sport, making the social experience as enriching as the ride itself.

The Motorbikes

The quality extended to the equipment as well. We hopped on the latest model bikes, which, let’s be honest, had seen better days considering it was the end of the season. But hey, a few signs of wear and scratches just added character, right? And they still rode like a dream. This attention to detail underlined the all-inclusive nature of the tour.

All-Inclusive Tour Price

From the moment you land to the time you depart, the tour price includes everything. It even covers motorbike and equipment rentals, making it convenient for those who prefer not to bring their own gear. So if you don’t want to bring your own gear, all you really need is a backpack full of plenty of socks and underwear. However, for a quality ride, I’d recommend bringing your own equipment. Nothing quite replaces the feel of your own gear.

The Villages and Architecture

The cleanliness and well-preserved nature of each village we visited were truly remarkable. Each stop was a visual treat.

Our exploration wasn’t limited to the trails. Thanks to the meticulous planning by Freeride Spirit, we had scheduled stops at some of the best spots in and around Viana do Castelo. A service vehicle was always at hand and ready, thanks to Francisco, making each stop a well-organized affair.

Tour Duration and Recommendations

The package spans four days and three nights. However, the first day is mostly for settling in, so don’t expect much. My recommendation would be to request an extra off-day between the second and third riding days. And if customization isn’t an option, both Hotel FeelViana and Viana do Castelo are worth an additional day at least.

To explore the Costa Verde tour and other adventures that Freeride Spirit has to offer in detail, visit their website. –

The Review

Costa Verde


  • All-Inclusive Tour Price: From the moment you arrive, you can forget about doing any math.
  • Perfect Accommodation
  • Latest Bikes


  • Price Point: I’m not saying it’s not worth it. Just know that it’s on the high-end side.

Review Breakdown

  • Tracks & Route

  • The Uniqueness of the Tour

  • Equipments Condition

  • Bikes Condition

  • Crew

  • Accommodation

  • Price Tag

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