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What Are the Updates for Paris Olympics 2024 So Far? – Construction, Laws, Updates Revealed

What Are the Updates for Paris Olympics 2024 So Far? – Construction, Laws, Updates Revealed

The 2021 Tokyo Games will always be remembered for the lackluster affair that turned out to be in the absence of the spectators. The fanfare at any Olympics comes from the howling fans cheering for their favorite athletes as they compete on the world stage. However, the pandemic coerced the Olympic committee to preclude the spectators from attending the arena, creating a surreal and quiet atmosphere for the athletes. Thankfully, in 2024, they will be able to experience the true spirit of the Olympics once again, starting with the new concept of the opening ceremony. 

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Every four years, the Olympic torch is lit in a grand Opening Day ceremony where the athletes participate in the ‘Parade of Nations’. This is a special made-for-TV moment and gives the fans a chance to cheer for every delegation ahead of their performance. But in 2024, the Olympic committee will ditch this traditional concept and embrace a more elaborate and extensive ceremony. 

Paris Olympics 2024 Opening Ceremony to produce an elaborate spectacle


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The committee has decided to organize a boat ride through Paris for the athlete delegation that ends in the Stade de France. The boats will take the athletes down the River Seine through the important landmarks of the beautiful city. It will also give them the chance to greet the fans along the way.

As per estimates, over 600,000 people will line the banks of the River Seine to catch a glimpse of the athletes. Anne Hildago, the Mayor of Paris, is excited by the prospect of letting the residents soak in this unique and immersive experience. She is working closely with Tony Estanguet, the President of Paris 2024, to pull off this plan without any hitches. 


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Estanguet wants to leverage the beauty of the city to make the event memorable. Calling it “our main asset,” the President believes that the iconic landmarks of this European paradise will serve as a stunning backdrop for the athletes to make lasting memories.

Estanguet said, “We believe the Opening Ceremony is the biggest symbol of the game. This is the right moment to reconsider the welcoming of the athletes”. Although he concocted this alteration to the ancient rites, Tony Estanguet needed the help of the city officials, the French Government, and the CNOSF to formalize the changes. The innovative approach to the 2024 Paris Olympics does not end there and is believed to change the Parisian skyline forever. 

Innovative approaches transforming the 2024 Paris Olympics experience

The City of Lights is famous for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. Now, once again, the city is undergoing extensive construction work to the tune of €180 million. These are in anticipation of the upcoming Olympics, but the city council’s foresight stretches far beyond 2024. They have approved around 1700 projects that aim to transform the city’s infrastructure and make it more conducive to sustainable living. Therefore, construction work for cycle paths, green spaces, and building insulation is in full swing. 

The “environmental operations” also include maintenance and improvement projects for school toilets and 22 accessibility zones. Jacques Baudrier, the Communist deputy, explained the significance of this project, saying, “These projects are not more numerous, but they are more substantial because we are greening the city, making it easier to cycle, and renovating buildings to a much higher standard than before”. The Paris city council will cut down energy consumption by 30% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This flagship project began with the Olympics preparation and will showcase the first stage of its success during the event. 

Infrastructure for combating global warming

Paris experienced a heat wave in 2022, where the temperatures in the French capital reached above 40.5 C. Athletes will be expecting air conditioners to combat the sweltering heat. However, the Paris city council has a different plan in mind that will not affect the rate of carbon emissions.

To keep the Athletes Village cool during the summer months, they are building a water-cooling system underneath the facility. The organizers believe that even with the 15,600 Olympians and officials residing in the facility, the indoor temperatures will remain comfortably below 26 degrees Celsius. 

Laurent Monnet heads the green transition project at Saint-Denis City Hall, where the athletes will be staying. He addressed the athletes, saying, “We need athletes to set an example when they use the buildings…We can build the most virtuous village we want, it is also the use that will be made of it that will weigh on our carbon footprint”.

Although several Olympians have endorsed this initiative, director Laurent Michaud is apprehensive of the athlete’s health. Paralympians often face issues while regulating their body temperatures. Therefore, Michaud amended the no-air conditioning rule and added a provision for the installation of a portable AC. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has relented on this issue as her mind is occupied with a more serious matter. 


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Paris Mayor addressing transport concerns

The city depends on an antiquated railway system for transportation. The residents of Paris often complain of delays, overcrowding, and unreliable service. The surge in tourists during the 2024 Olympic Games will make matters worse. Mayor Hidalgo pointed her accusatory finger at right-winger Valerie Pecresse, who is handling the transportation crisis at the moment. 

Budget Chaos and Controversy Surrounding Paris Olympics 2024 as
Officials Respond


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She said that all the other construction work would be finished before the schedule, except for the railway upgrade project. Valerie Pecresse has assured of due diligence but opened a can of worms with the unveiling of new ticket prices. The prices have been doubled, but she still believes it is fair. Recently, the preparations hit another roadblock as 120 construction workers went on strike in protest of their contract papers. Nonetheless, the committee is trying their best to overcome the unprecedented circumstances before the anticipation for the 2024 Olympics kicks in with full force.

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